Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

Journey to a Coral Reef

See, touch and experience corals and surrounding marine life.
Okinawa's freshwater life is also found in this zone.

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A World Brimming with Colorful Marine Life

Coral Lobby (Aquarium entrance)

Picture of the Coral Lobby

The spacious Aquarium entrance (Coral Lobby) is made of Ryukyu limestone. Here you can purchase admission tickets and annual passports. Also, free stroller and wheelchairs rentals are available at the entrance. Please enter through the entrance and purchase the admission tickets at the ticket vending machine then go ahead to the ticket gate.

  1. For group admission, please go to the ticket counter.
  2. If you already have tickets such as travel coupons or advance tickets, we will refund the difference in price and exchange your ticket for “After 4 PM Tickets”.

Get an original Aquarium file folder!

16-volume Illustrated Observation Sheets

The exclusive file folder can be purchased at the “Annual Passport Counter” at the lobby or the shop Blue Manta (540 yen with tax).

Annual Passport Counter

Annual Passport Counter

An annual passport is available at a price equivalent to two admission tickets to the Aquarium. This option is recommended for those who plan to visit the Park more than twice a year. The pass can be issued on the same day as you registered. Please go to the Annual Passport Counter on the right-hand side of the entrance for an application.

Aquarium Services

Stroller and Wheelchair Rentals
Strollers and Wheelchairs are available for free rental, though supplies are limited.
After you have finished using these, please return it to the information desk at the Aquarium entrance.
Audio Guide Rental (PDA)
Audio guides (PDA) are available for free rental. The audio guide will assist you on a self-guided tour of each aquarium tank in Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium Please make a reservation 7 days in advance by email or phone.
For more details, please clike here.
Coin Lockers
During the normal (Oct - Feb): 8:30-17:30. During the summer (Mar - Sep): 8:30-19:00. Large size (300 yen) / Small size (100 yen).
Nursing room and diaper-changing table
Nursing rooms are equipped with a sofa and a sink which runs hot water. Disposable paper diapers can be purchased at the Aquarium shop “Blue Manta” (Aquarium exit).
ATM machine
ATM machine is available to use at the Aquarium Entrance Lobby.

Churaumi Column

Breeding awardsWhat are the decorative panelings displayed at the entrance?
The wall on the right-hand side of the Aquarium entrance is decorated with numerous awards. At Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium in addition to keeping and exhibiting marine life, we conduct biological research in reproduction and have led to success which is difficult to breed in captivity.
About our efforts to obtain breeding awards

Journey to a Coral Reef